Factors Influencing Todays Healthcare System – Coursework Example

Health Care system Health Care system There are several factors that influence the current health care system. These factors are diverse and different and they keep on evolving with the dynamic health care system. The first is socio-economic status; the socio economic status is important as it determines the level of health care that will be given to a person. Secondly, another factor that influences health care system is physician supply (CCH Incorporated, 2010). The more the physicians in the system the better the services being offered, it is imperative to note that nurses and other persons in the health care are also included in the physicians supply. Thirdly, there are the policies and beliefs of a nation, the policies that are enacted often affect the health care system. For example, the affordable care act affected the health care system as it ensured that every American was covered in terms of insurance (CCH Incorporated, 2010). Lastly, the health status of a nation also determines the health care system. If there are outbreaks of diseases, the health care system is often stretched to the limit.
The Patient protection and Affordable Care act can be said to put the consumers of health care back in charge to their health care. Under the law, the American people can be said to be given flexibility and stability when it comes to making choices about their health (CCH Incorporated, 2010). The Act also enables all Americans despite the origins to have cover for their health; this in turn ensures that each and every person in America is able to access healthcare. This helps in alleviating the health in country as well as creating a sustainable health care system that is self reliant and self dependent.
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