Get Write Building A Design – Coursework Example

Research Analysis & Design of the of the Research Analysis & Design Research Topic: The research topic here is ‘IllegalImmigrants and Crime’.
Problem Statement:
The problem statement for the selected research topic is as follows: ‘Is there a relationship between the continued high rate of illegal immigrants in the USA and the high rate of hate crimes being witnessed here?’1
Independent and Dependent Variables:
The independent variable here is the high rate of hate crimes being witnessed in the USA. The dependent variable is the high rate of illegal immigration in the USA.
What Will Be Measured?
1. Historical trend of illegal immigrants entering the USA;
2. Historical trend of hate crimes;
3. Social and economic effects of illegal immigrants.
The research will measure if there is a corresponding rise in hate crimes vis-a-vis the continued increase of illegal immigrants. It will also collect and present qualitative data by presenting some high profile cases committed against illegal immigrants.
Type of Research Design that is Feasible for this Project:
When it comes to type of research projects, there are qualitative research studies and quantitative research studies (Bell, 1999). From the statement of the problem and the decisions regarding what will be measured, it will be best to present this as a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. The quantitative aspect will trace whether there is a correlation between the rise in hate crimes in certain States of the USA and the corresponding rise in the number of illegal immigrants that have been entering these States. The numbers will provide the evidence that is irrefutable. Regarding the qualitative aspect, since it is also clear that hate crimes are committed by those who find themselves being sidelined for jobs and other opportunities because of these illegal immigrants, who are not only inclined to work harder but for lower rates of pay than citizens and legal immigrants, the stories of illegal immigrants and their families who have been victims of hate crimes will be interviewed and their statements and feelings recorded and presented as part of the final research presentation. The quasi-experimental research design will be best for this project. One way to improve the research design for this project is by focusing on a certain ethnicity like the Hispanics. Another way of doing it is by zeroing in on the States that get the most illegal immigrants.
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Federation for American Immigration Reform (Nov 2010). Illegal Immigration and Hate Crimes: Is There a Relationship? Retrieved from