Goals And Values – Coursework Example

GOALS AND VALUES OF PSYCHOLOGY Psychology has a relevant life experiences and significant influence in our daily life. As astudent, the learning process offers a lasting lesson that has perpetual assistance for career development and general life skills. The learning experiences I got during my undergraduate psychology studies have been beneficial to me in my personal and educational life by helping to determine many different explanations, techniques and disciplines. The psychological theories and principles that I feel are most relevant to me are, developmental and behavioral theories (Burke, 2006). The classical conditioning principles of the behavioral theory helped me to understand and reason people’s behavioral responses. For example, while working with children in a child development center, I learned that reinforcements help with children’s learning processes and responses.
The developmental principles of psychology have helped me to understand human growth, development, learning and what motivates thoughts and behavior. I think behavioral and developmental theories are some major theoretical approaches to psychology, because it involves psychological and conditioning studies that theorists like B.F Skinner and Erik Erikson contributed thoughts and behaviors of humans (Burke, 2006). Studying the field of psychology will be helpful with my personal goals, professional goals and obstacles while working with children by applying many of the psychological theories and practices that I have learned. While working with children and helping them succeed, it is very important to learn and know how they learn and develop.
As a Capela graduate, psychology discipline provided me with strong ground to argue the diverse behavior of people in different social settings. This has improved my judgmental ability and expanded my scope on tolerance towards psychological diversity among people.
Burke, P. J. (2006). Contemporary social psychological theories. Stanford, Calif: Stanford Univ. Press.