GREG'S GOOFY GADGETS – Coursework Example

Greg’s Goofy Gadgets Factors the court considers while determining if one is an independent contractor There are a numberof factors worth considering when it comes to the issue of ascertaining whether one is an independent contractor or an employee. The most common factors are usually in terms of financial and behavioral (IRS, 2014). In behavioral factors, the court checks whether the company controls the worker or not (IRS, 2014). If the worker is not working under supervision of any given firm that has hired him or her, then the court declares one being an independent contract. In the financial segment, the court observes the manner in which employees receive their payments. If the worker is the one responsible for both hiring and paying of assistant workers, then the court declares that person an independent contractor (IRS, 2014).
Are you an agent of the company?
In my opinion, since I perform roles on behalf of the company’s principal, it is therefore apparent that I am an agent (Stim, 2010). For instance, apart from fixing the company’s computers, I also delegate duties to two college students who work as my assistants. Agents normally work under the consent of their principals. This is quite evident since in relation to the principal’s statement, I am only to perform my duties as an IT specialist for a period of six months.
Am i an employee or independent contractor?
In my opinion, I am not working as an independent contractor but as an employee. This is because in relation to the factors comparing employees to independent contractors, the court clearly states that contractors hire and pay their assistant workers. This is not the case for me since I did not hire the college assistants and neither was I paying them.
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