Hair Identification – Coursework Example

Hair Identification: Knowing whether the body hair shows a long period of drug use What happens if an individual does not have hair on the head? For this case, the chest, underarm or leg hair can be used for testing. More often, beards are used for test. Apart from the mentioned parts, there is no other place in the body that hair can be found for the test. Many have debated on the speed with which hair grows on the body. Most individuals have it that 1.5 inches of body hair will keep the remains of drug for a very long time, if the head hair grows much faster than the body hair. The fact remains that the head and body hair grow at same speed.
The difference is that the body hair stalls its growth at an averagely shorter length. In both body and head, new hair substitutes dormant strands hence pushing out the older one that stopped growing therefore becoming dormant. In a case where hair is not growing or is dormant only older deposits find there way to it but it become difficult for new deposits to penetrate. The new deposits can be there for a period of one to four months. Therefore, theoretically body or head hair can show drugs that take up to 90 days, depending on an individual. Nevertheless, only 10-15% of an individual’s strands are in this stage making the risk to be minor. In addition, there no studies that conclude that scientifically body hair shows drug use more than 90 days if properly cut. Therefore, it is uncertain of how long drug use can be revealed by the body hair.
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