Health-related Analysis HLP – Coursework Example

Health Related Analysis HLP Health Related Analysis HLP Introduction In recent years, there have been a myriad of advertisements on media such as magazines, newspapers, television, social media and websites that all contain information that can considered as being red-flag. This paper will seek to analyze one such advertisement and highlight the questionable information and red-flag terms that are presented in the advertisement.
As seen in the appendix section of this paper, internet advertisement for FatJoe eggplant extract based fat blocker has a high number of questionable information. One of this is that the product promises users that if they should choose to use the product, it will be possible for them to lose weight without having to watch their diets or exercising. Another questionable claim that is made by the advertisement is that it will be possible for users to lose up to 10 pounds per week. Both of these claims are important as it is medically impossible for people to lose that much weight within the space of a week.
A key red-flag that is present in the advertisement is that it features a doctor who is vouching its effectiveness. This is a red-flag as most advertisements with questionable information tend to use this strategy with the objective of attempting to prove the validity of a product. Another red-flag that is presented in the advertisement is that the product is not available in drugstores. According to the advertisement, FatJoe is only available through internet deliveries as seen on television. This is a serious red-flag as it is a clear indicator that the product has not been approved by the FDA.
Based on the observations presented in this paper such as the product’s promise of quick results, its availability only on internet orders and the use of a fake doctor’s endorsement, it is evidently clear that the FatJoe advertisement is full of questionable information and red-flags.
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