Healthcare Coding – Coursework Example

To resolve the issue with regards to the conflicting information in the patient records it is best to provide a form that will indicate only choices where appropriate boxes can be checked by the discharging nurse to reflect the actual status of patients. The form should be categorized and each category should be in compliance with the provisions of the law with regards to the liability of the hospital in discharging patients. This will ensure that a complete abstract of the patient or his general status is reflected and acknowledged or confirmed by his attending physicians signed by the patient himself as well.
The challenge is what information or choices need to be listed in the discharge form to ensure that it will be easier for the discharger to just check the options available. To answer this challenge a detailed analysis of the historical records should be conducted to determine the status with the most number of incidences for each category. The key is to limit the involvement of the discharger to just providing figures, which is easier to manage because of its mechanical writing nature.
In conclusion it is essential to determine the liability of hospitals in discharging patients, to avoid lawsuits later it is important that these information are available in the discharge form. This can be done by studying the requirements of the law, and the final form should be in compliance with the standard. It is best to consult lawyers about this to ensure that the information is presented in the right way to limit the liability if not eliminate the liability of the hospital. To ensure the success of this new methodology it is essential to determine the person accountable for filling up the correct information and that this person is reminded of his responsibility and liability if in case he or she provides the wrong information.