Homelessness – Coursework Example

Homelessness al affiliation option Homelessness exists in most societies, and its effects are tangible. It is common to see families leaving on the streets or in dilapidated structures in our cities and towns. A home is a basic need that most families are deprived. I believe that mental illness primarily causes the problem. The problem is also worsened by the high rate of unemployment and inadequate remuneration. Therefore, in this paper a proper plan to mitigate this situation is proposed.
First, I will increase leadership, partnership, and civic engagement, with a focus on providing and encouraging collaborative leadership at all levels of administration and across all sectors. The plan will also consolidate the capacity of community and private organizations by increasing knowledge about the association and successful interferences to prevent and end homelessness (Cotter, 2013). The move will ensure that there is the increased accessibility to stable and affordable housing by providing affordable housing and permanent supportive housing to help individuals and families, more so those with mental illness who are homeless. Although resources are unlimited, the program will make sure all persons with mental illness have access to such houses (Cotter, 2013).
Similarly, the plan will make sure there is an increase in economic safety by expanding chances for meaningful and sustainable occupation. In the program, I propose to enhance access to mainstream programs and services to reduce financial susceptibility to homelessness (Muggleton, & Ruthven, 2012). Since mental incapacitation is the primary causal agent, my program will improve health and stability by connecting health care with homeless supportive programs and housing. The program will extend to advancing constancy for youth maturing out of systems such as substitute care and children justice. I will also improve discharge planning for people who have common contact with hospitals and criminal justice systems (Birkelo, 2014).
In summation, as evident from the proposed program, homelessness is indeed a socio-economic problem whose prevalence rate is high among the mentally ill individuals and the poor. By adopting the stated plan of action, that seeks partnership, civic engagement, and better health systems in curbing the menace at its roots. In doing, the homelessness scourge will be wiped from the face of the nation.
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