Identifying Stages Of Development – Coursework Example

CHILD DEVELOPMENT Every child is unique in their own ways this makes them differ from each other. However there are some similarities that make them similar with the rest. These are the stages that the children pass through until they reach the age of eighteen that is when they are at least grownups and can make decisions on their own. All the children are baby feed by their parents until they are two years of age this is the time that all kids need their parents more since they can do nothing by themselves. After the age of two they are at least independent they start doing a little things all by themselves. At the age of three they live their babyhood and begin their childhood. In this age most parents encounter a lot of problems with their kids since the kids want to do things by their own.
This is the age that the children grow self reliance due to the new tactics and they are kin to know more things in life. It is at the age of ten when they reach the pre-adolescent stage hence making them to declare their independence in this age until the age of fourteen years they experience rapid changes in their body making them fill like grownups. It’s still in this age that they are able to interact with friends where they use most of their time with friends and doing their favorites. At the age of eighteen they are now real grownups and can make their own decisions and can be held responsible of any act that they are involved in.
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