In Your Own Words, I Would Like You To Open A Word Document And Explain The Principles Of Colour – Coursework Example

Visual Arts and Film Studies Color management normally improves and simplifies image reproduction, as well as, image exchanges across several industries. It acts as a solution to the common problem in which two devices produce a similar color originating from the same digital values. Reproduction of an image created on one device such as a color scanner on another like a press is through trial and error method, in the absence of color management (Rodney, 2005 p 248). Color management principle is preferable as it automates the production process, thus, offering efficiency and better quality images. The same principle is applied in digital cameras.
One of the widely used color management system is the ‘open’ color management system known as Apple Computer’s ColorSync (Rodney, 2005 p 249). Just like the Microsoft clone, this system allows for easy definition of camera using standard the standard color space. The process is done through ‘device profiles’.
In addition to the above, color management principle is also very crucial in image editing procedures. Corrections of images on a digital camera cannot be successful without the application of color management principles (Rodney, 2005 p 248). Normally, color management has the ability to match the original image with all its faults. However, some pictures need editorial corrections in order to fit the client’s specification and preferences. The corrections can be done through the traditional method of using scanner. Nevertheless, the most efficient and recommended method is with color management principles. The principle employs certain editing software such as ColorBlind and LinoColor (Rodney, 2005 p 248). The two programs allow for final print soft proof. Soft proofing allows for visual confirmation of corrections. Color management principle is therefore, an important application that should be considered in all digital cameras.
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