KSAs – Coursework Example

number Knowledge of law enforcement, inspection or compliance program support practices procedures The following are the Knowledge, skills and abilities I possess for the position of the investigative assistant in the administration of drug enforcement. This is a position that requires a lot of skills in law enforcement since it is closely related to the department of justice, practices and procedures that offer program support in inspection and compliance. I have the ability for this although with minimal experience apart from the available experience in office support from where:
I am highly capable of receiving and processing information.
I can maintain automated records and hard copies to prepare report.
A high level of expertise and experience was gained from the office in relation to the use of automated equipment. In addition, I got the ability and experience to:
Receive and process information.
Acquire the knowledge and high ability in clerical practices, office routines and other procedures involved in clerical work.
I am thus able to apply these skills and talents to ensure that this important mission is achieved.
Besides I possess the highest levels of conduct and character that are required as some of the major qualities.
I have also worked in a number of law firms and thus do not possess any qualities that are likely to detract me from high levels of integrity and efficiency. I am also capable of getting efficiently involved in oral and written communication. I understand that it is a tough job though with a vital mission since it majorly entails the combating of drug trafficking.