Lobbying – Coursework Example

Lobbying Medicare Access and CHIP Re ization Bill of Obama care was a major piece of legislation that sought to improve accessibility to high quality health care (United States, 2011). However, different people opposed specific features of the legislations thereby justifying the raft of amendments proposed by a number of lawmakers including the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization bill of 2015. The bill sought to amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act with the view to repealing the Medicare Sustainable growth rate thereby improving pay for physicians and enhancing Children’s Health Insurance Program. Such is a good proposal that I would strive to ensure its adoption as is. Obama care resulted in the increase of patients seeking health care services in the public health facilities in the country. I therefore concur that the government should improve the working condition for the physicians and increase their pay besides improving the efficiency of the Children’s Health Insurance Program.
I will employ a number of strategies including economic leverage, and persuasion and information in order to achieve the goal (Baumgartner, 2009). Nurses and doctors among other health practitioners would like the bill since it promises to better their working conditions and increase their pay. I would therefore work with such individuals to petition other lawmakers opposed to the bill. This way, they will the pressure from the health practitioners who will threaten to hold industrial action in case they fail to pass the bill. Additionally, I will strive to inform and persuade the adamant lawmakers with the view to making them understand that the bill promises to motivate the health practitioners thereby enhancing the success of the act (Zetter, 2011).
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