Macro Economics Discussions – Coursework Example

Inflation Inflation I am in agreement with the idea that seeks the kingdom of God first and all that we need will be provided. My comment on the fear of the alleged inflation is that there should be no need to worry. There is no credible evidence to prove that the currency value of the United States of American is on the verge of collapsing. Furthermore, from the biblical point of view, God requires his people to believe in Him and avoid worrying about the future. Through believing in God, the wisdom and the knowledge will be granted to us that are fundamental to solving all the issues including inflation.
Americans have trust in God, which is evident from the inscription in their note currency saying in God we trust. Therefore, they should not worry of these baseless allegations. In addition, God cites examples of birds and grass that are less significant as compared to humans, but still survive. In this case, those who are propagating this notion are like pagans in the eyes of the lord.
In United States of America, inflation is one of the major threats that should worry the government as well as the people. This is because the recent statistics indicates that America is at a significant risk of experiencing inflation in the near future. The main problem of inflation is a general decline in the purchasing power of the currency that results in the rise of prices of the essential commodities such as food, gas, and oil fuels. Moreover, inflation can also lead to massive loss of employments through retrenchments and ultimately economic recession (Saville, 2002, September 23).
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