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Adaptive Values of Religious Rituals Roles Played by Rites of Passage for Cultures that have them According to Richard Sosis, rites of passage are an imperative adaptive mechanism for cultures that practice them. He asserts that various cultures in the global environment practice various activities deemed as rites of passage; the activities vary from one culture to another. The main role of these rites of passage include, creating a sense of cultural identity that basically distinguish one culture from the other (pg. 166). In addition, Richard argues the role of culture from a biological perspective where he asserts that rites of passage is an adaptive design behavior, with the attention directed towards the ecological setting in, which a culture exist (pg. 166).
Rites of Passage of child to Adult
Hunting Lions among the Maasai Community, a Nomadic Tribe in Africa
This nomadic African tribe has been practicing a rite of passage that involves hunting and killing lions among boys, who intend to be regarded as important men and warriors within their community (Angeloni, pg. 7). When a boy has grown old enough, he is sent to the jungle to hunt and kill a lion in order to be considered a man. Historically, the practice of hunting lions as a rite of passage was undertaken on an individual basis in this community. However, due to the reduced population of lions, the community currently practices group hunt, where a group of ten boys ready to be ‘transformed’ into men are sent into the jungle to kill a lion to regarded as Moran warriors or men. The elders discourage killing of sick lions, injured or even a lioness. This rite of passage is considered an imperative aspect of a man’s psychological and physical development; it indicates how much this nomadic group values the essence of bravery and strength among their men (Angeloni, pg. 9).

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