Man Hit In Eye With Baseball – Coursework Example

MAN HIT IN EYE WITH BASEBALL Negligence occurred when the organizers of the August 22 baseball game ignored the fan whose left eyewas hit by a foul ball in Greenville. Negligence also materialized when the same organizers failed to install safety measures in the stadium where the match was to take place. As the victim claims, the sponsors of the match never offered him any aid to pay for his medical bills. He had to spend his money to cater for all his bills since he had to go for a surgery to remove and replace the wounded eye.
The baseball game coordinators are liable for the accident and even the negligence of the fan whose left eye was hit by the ball. Business ethics requires sponsors to see to it that all fans are safe during baseball matches. The organizers never cared to bring doctors to attend to injured fans either.
This is a tort of negligence and therefore the offenders need to make compensations that would maximize the plaintiffs contention. Since the victim only claims monetary aid for his medication, legal remedy would best apply in this instance. This is negligence because of the assumption of risk because the planners never protected fans from risk of harm. The concept of the unavoidable accident would, therefore, not apply in this case because the fan was only a victim of circumstance. The plaintiff should also bring a lawsuit against the defendants for neglecting him after the injury (Liuzzo, 2012). This act of negligence led to injury of a fans physical well-being hence the designers of the ill-fated match should lay accountable. Business should take place in a way that harms neither the environment nor potential customers, in this case, fans.
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