Management Information System – Coursework Example

24 March Management Information System It is vital to that there is a significant number of technologies that big retailers can use to prevent identity thieves from purchasing merchandise. Get a security on a credit card is one of the key technologies for achieving the aforementioned objective. This involves integration of credit card accounts from different banks and integrates them into one coherent component. Penetration testing is another crucial technology, which can specifically be applied on the network configurations of an organization to check and correct vulnerabilities (Baltzan 172).
For organizations to protect themselves from hackers looking to steal account data, they should implement several advanced and secured information systems. These are firewalls and updated antivirus software. Basically, a common technology such as an up to date Microsoft windows operating system and a Kaspersky antivirus technology can play a huge role in protecting this data (Baltzan 80).
Ethics entails conforming to ideals. This is about a set of moral principles for regulating use of computers. It engrosses intellectual property rights and effect of computers on the society.
Tapping down online service providers and reading personal e-mail is a very ethical activity. It is important that for the sake of the security of the community at large, personal e-mails and online service providers have to be screened for any harmful activities or data.
It was very ethical that authorities used one of the high-ranking officials to trap other gang members. The security of any community is always a huge subject of concern for the top information security officers of a society. Therefore, since the society is more important to be protected then it is ethical that a top authority was used in trapping the gang (Baltzan 45).
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