Masculinity – Coursework Example

Masculinity Learning and practice are the two most important aspects in our life which starts in action from the very beginning of our life. Our family, society and environment starts interacting with a newly born child to mould him (her) into a stereo type cultural and traditional design; giving the child a fundamental sets of learning and practices including language, food, dressings and self identification. This is the reason; a child in a span of time becomes a trained member of a particular American community. Had he been brought up by a Chinese family in China he would have adopted everything like a Chinese.  Hence, it is a clear idea that you can shape up a persons prospective towards oneself through an inclusive teaching followed by learning and practice.  The above mentioned aspects have a big role to play in ongoing gender differences in our societies.  Even in the so called developed society, femininity is considered as a weak gender; and even men who perform less are given a nick name "feminine".
Women are not as weak as the society thinks; they can be masculine if they are also given teaching to be masculine in their upbringing. I totally agree with Pat Griffins statement that “Masculinity does not come naturally; it must be carefully taught”. There was a period in history of sports where women were totally excluded from sports considering their natural incapability as their weakness. Amber Powlik asserts, "Being male or female is the biological sex of a person. It is their physical, bodily nature. Being masculine or feminine is the gender of a person. It is an act of choice; the way a person behaves". (Pawlik, 1976).
Trainings in sports were only given to man only. Gradually, modern perception in the world societies encouraging womens training in sports brought a new era in world of sports. Women who were considered naturally incapable were seen doing magical performance in every game on Olympics. We can say that women in sports are now masculine. If we talk about the strong and masculine women in politics Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, and Benazir Bhutto etc. are the names, who have ruled their respective nations in much smoother way than any man. If women are provided inclusive training at par with men they can even fight and win men soccer team.
Through training, learning and practice modern day women have realized their potentiality and gained back their confidence to stand masculinity.
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