None – Coursework Example

Reflection paper According to the information given in ‘Those Winter Sundays’, it is worth noting that the entire poem was based on a past memory. The use of the word ‘Those’ makes it a past event hence making it a memorial poem. Throughout the poem, the author talks about his father and the kind of parental treatment he received throughout his childhood. According to the author, the father ensured that the house was warm on Sundays throughout the winter period. Actually, this is a time when almost all lively and beautiful things are dead and people’s faces are full of gloominess. This shows the wide gap between the author and his father. Being that the author has not mentioned the summer periods is enough proof that the author’s father only showed parental love during the Winter Sundays. Again, by using the word ‘Sundays’ is a clear indication that the author’s father only kept the house warm during the Sundays and not any other day of the week. At this point, the author may have developed a negative perception about the father’s actions. Actually, he would have assumed that his father only kept the house warm at a time when he was at home or off duty meaning that he only cared for himself. This tension between the author and his father’s action could only be resolved through positive thoughts. The author can assume that the father only did this at a time when all family members were at home. Again, he can assume that during the normal weekdays, nobody was at home and the father was engaged in other duties hence making it a great consolation.