Nursing Policies – Coursework Example

Nursing Policy Affiliation: 28th January, Nursing Policy Nursing refers to the promotion, protection, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of injury and illness and elimination of suffering via the treatment and diagnosis of human response. Nursing also promotes advocacy in caring for families, individuals, communities and populations (Giddens, 2013). On the other hand, nursing policy is defined as tools or instruments set forth to guide the nursing profession into embarking on technology, leadership, advocacy, policy development, research, analysis, and implementation. Therefore, nursing policy pertains the code of conduct in nursing as well as transformation to serve the dynamic world. Nursing policy is very effective in paving way for the profession to fulfill its mandate by promoting honesty, decency, diligence, transparency and accountability. As a result, without the nursing policies, the profession itself cannot work effectively neither can it be accepted by the general. With regards to this, nursing policy is the key to transforming the health sector to meet the ever growing demand for health care (Giddens, 2013). Another key importance of nursing policies is to ensure that nurses are represented in the government to make sure that beaurocrats do not ignore their issues.
Nursing policy has been very effective in the organization that I work. Technology has been adapted and has made delivery of services very efficient. Furthermore, leadership has been promoted by ensuring that nurse leaders are professionally trained to tackle problems within the organization. Research has been effective due to nursing policy so as to pave way for better delivery of services. Nurses have instilled discipline as well as equipped with psychological, social and mental skills to handle a diverse patient base (Butts & Rich, 2013). Conclusively, nursing policy is a very important tool in health care delivery, and it is the key to improved health of the society.
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