One Comparison And One Process – Coursework Example

Comparison and Process Affiliation Comparison The two different brands of pizza that is going to be compared here are Papa John’s and those fromPizza Hut. The two pizzerias offer quick delivery, quality ingredients and affordable prices, but there are some unique differences. The start of each pizzeria is different. Pizza Hut was opened in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney, while Papa John’s was founded 30 years later by John Schnatter with the first shop opening in 1985 (Chris, 2008).
The big difference between Papa John’s and Pizza Hut is the selection of beverages that each has to offer to its patrons. Pizza Hut serves Pepsi products, while Papa John’s deals exclusively in Coca Cola brand products. In some restaurants they also serve beer to customers who choose to dine in their meal.
Papa John’s is slightly more expensive as they put more coupons, and offer better specials than Pizza Hut. If a customer wants to take advantage of these deals, then one can save with Papa John’s.
Both pizzerias provide a wide variety to choose from. Papa John’s though offer different styles of pizzas. In comparing crusts offered between the two restaurants, Pizza Hut wins. In particular, Pizza Hut offers stuffed-crust pizza that is perfectly delicious and one of the few pizzerias offered (Chris, 2008).
1. The mounting brackets are fixed by screwing the screws that fasten them in place. The screws should be fasten to provide support.
2. Next is the fixation of the head rail. This is done through a couple of ways. If it is an inside mount vertical blind, the head rail is screwed directly into the top of the window frame. If the blinder is mounted with brackets, the brackets of the vertical blinds are fixed by adjusting the tab on the back of the bracket.
3. The vertical blind vanes are then fixed. They are fixed by pushing the vanes in and simply closing slightly the clips that hold them at the top.
4. The valence and vanes are then fixed.
Chris B. (2008). Legends of Pizza. University Press. vol. 1