Organisation Who Deals Withh Homeless People – Coursework Example

Birmingham Mission: Provides Home for the Homeless How individual rights are respected? Birmingham Mission is a non-profit organization located in Birmingham, London that seeks to offer services among disadvantaged and homeless individuals (“Birmingham,” n.d.). The organization recognizes the individual’s rights for shelter, food, emotional, and spiritual support. Individuals who once committed petty crimes and became addicted to illegal substances were embraced by the organization. Individuals who have different ethnic backgrounds are also provided with the necessary support. The organization observes equal treatment among individuals. Birmingham City Mission believes that these homeless individuals have rights similar to those individuals who have homes and jobs (“Life,” n.d.).
How individuals are treated?
Individuals who are homeless are served with a solid meal upon entering into the center. The staffs of the organization lend their ears if these homeless individuals wish to be listened. These homeless individuals are admitted to the hospital or whisked into the shower when they first came to the center. The organization later concentrates in addressing their needs and building up supportive company (“Life,” n.d.).
Birmingham City Mission serves as a shelter among battered wives. The organization then resettles these women into a place where they can receive the necessary support. Birmingham City Mission does not only provide homeless individuals with their physiological necessities but also their spiritual and emotional needs. It nourishes them spiritually (“Life,” n.d.).
Is Individual’s choice taken into account?
Birmingham City Mission ensures that the choices and decision of homeless individuals are taken into consideration. The organization allows individuals to pursue their desires after months of accommodation. There are instances when individuals go back in performing undesirable behaviors after staying in the organization (“Life,” n.d.). Birmingham City Mission acknowledges that it does not possess the right to dictate what is appropriate or wrong. The organization respects individual liberties (“Life,” n.d.).
Birmingham City Mission offers education among youths who want to pursue their studies. Activities, events, and projects are presented for youths to actualize their potentials. It functions to develop their skills in a certain field of interest (“Life,” n.d.).
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