Paraphrase Two Pages Article – Coursework Example

Paraphrase It was quite obvious that the legacy of an autocratic and racially biased government left by apartheid still existed in South Africa even when a democratically elected government was in place and even today there is a segregation of the areas in which black and white race lives. The area called Langa was developed during the period of 1923 and was developed as a separate area for the black community where the blacks were treated badly like in other areas of South Africa. Even though blacks were in the majority, only a 5% of the land was allocated to them and it was quite obvious that these areas were experiencing hopelessness due to a plan and not by an environmental accident (Moore 185). In these towns the incidences of Bronx as well as Baltimore were quite evident. As the van passed the town’s roads that were in very bad shape, there were several children waving with friendly gestures which made us feel that they knew us for quite some time. The van stopped in front of a modest white home and I was told that this was my stop. I unloaded my heavily load bag and stopped right in front of the house. As I looked on the left had side of the house my eyes stopped on vertigo and as I scanned around I witnessed that these houses were developed through pieces of scraps. These houses seemed as if they existed there for years but the reality was that many of these houses were burned due to the makeshift stoves after a couple of months. Visiting this town made me feel the real experience of poverty which I was quite unaware about and it made me feel if I compare this area to Baltimore, then I was living like a kind. When I reached the house, I was greeted by a black women who belonged to the tribe of Xhosa and Langa was an area where majority of the population belonged to the same tribe. This is the tribe from which various African heroes have belonged to, including Nelson Mandela.
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