Public Policy Evaluation – Coursework Example

Public Policy Evaluation Public Policy Evaluation As seen in the work of Dye (2010) policies not only resolve existing issues in a group in society but also create worse issues for other groups. This can be evident in the immigration policy. According to Kugler & Oakford (2013), the immigration policy has been fundamental in intensifying border security as well as instituting reforms in the United States but the policy has created problems in other sectors. One of the major issues that the immigration policy creates is the high influx of immigrants that require a lot of infrastructure to maintain (Immigration Policy Center, 2009).
The immigrants have also created high levels of transnational crime across the borders (Immigration Policy Center, 2009). This means that the government has to keep on fighting the emerging criminal cases through instituting stringent criminal mechanisms. Cases of human smuggling have also resulted from the immigration policy (Immigration Policy Center, 2009). In as much the policy has been advantageous in a way, the crime cases validate the fact that policies do not solve problems at all times.
The immigration policy has also resulted to high levels of workplace violations since a lot of immigrants have been indicated to violate workplace terms (Immigration Policy Center, 2009; Watson Institute for International, n.d). Employers also exploit the immigrants; they also engage in corrupt business that end up harming a great percentage of the workers. On another note, the immigration policy has created inadequate infrastructure on the part of the government. This inadequacy as Immigration Policy Center (2009) writes, has led to a huge interruption in an addition of the immigrants who expect to become US citizens. From these thoughts, it is evident that policies can create both solutions and problems.
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