Quality Initiative – Coursework Example

Quality Initiative The Hispanic Health Initiative Mount Sinai Hospital is among the most reputable health s in New York. The hospital has a competent team of staff and resourceful workforce. The hospital has initiated several quality health initiative since its formation (Kini, Sharma & Narula, 2014).The Hispanic Health Initiative is one of the most patronizing quality health initiatives that the hospital has ever established. The aim of coming up with the Hispanic Health Initiative was to minimize and control the spread of diseases among the Latino community. The Mount Sinai Hospital show the need of starting the Hispanic Health Initiative in order to reduce the spread of various disease such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, asthma, cancer and many others.
The quality health initiatives established by the Mount Sinai Hospital are targeted to create awareness to the residents about the existence, causes and preventive measures to various disease. The Hispanic Health Initiative has aided in reducing new infection and controlling the spread of deadly disease. In fact, the hospital can pride itself for minimizing new HIV/AIDS infections across New York. Essentially, the initiative has aided in giving life a meaning to the sick people and guiding the community on how to handle the sick. Apparently, the health standards of the people living near the hospital have risen in the recent past.
In summary, hospitals should always focus on establishing initiatives that add value to the community and its people. Actually, hospitals and the entire health care centers should not be profit oriented. Patient satisfaction and safety should remain the top priority for all hospitals across the world.
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