"Understanding Barriers To Our Own Thinking" – Coursework Example

Understanding Barriers to Our Own Thinking Affiliation Should abortion be a legal option? This question is dividing Americans. The Pros claim that is should be the choice of a woman. They claim that the religion as well as the government should not limit this right. This comes above the fetus’ rights. Their claim is that if this is not provided for legally, then the outcome will be illegal abortions that are not safe. Another claim of the pros is that life begins after birth. This is because a fetus is dependent on the mother to live (Pro Con. Org, 2014).
The Cons claim that life starts at conception hence the fetus is a human being with every right to live. “Abortion is murder.” they claim. Another one of their claims is abortion’s brutality in the in the fact that it does inflict suffering on the fetus. According to them, it is not fair that that some choose to kill while others cannot have. Killing is against religious teachings. Abortion also makes young women whom go through it suffer from depression hence at risk (Pro Con. Org, 2014).
It is better that abortion is not legalized. This is because of the fact that no one wants to die. People spent a lot in food, health and other important needs just because they do not want to die. This is good reason that no right should be above the right of life. No one should be denied to live. However, it is difficult to decide between these arguments since both arguments are strongly supported. For a decision to be made on this matter, both two sides have to be carefully considered. It is difficult to determine to give the right to abortion which could mean killing, or to deny it and cause more death through unsafe illegal abortions. The most other difficult thing to determine is when life begins or when fetus can feel pain.
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