Reflection #4 – Coursework Example

Why Soldiers Went to War The civil war was triggered by different components. Soldiers were forced into to the war by different factors. According to McPherson, personal accounts highlight the different reasons. Conference soldiers stated different reasons as to why they took part in the civil war. Some soldiers indicated slavery as their main reason. According to a number of soldiers there was need to maintain a state full of slavery given the fact that they where integral in the economy of the region. According to McPherson slavery was the main reason as to why the conference soldiers joint the war (McPherson 286). The soldiers were aiming at ensuring an environment where trade and agriculture could prosper.
The second reason given by the northern soldiers was liberty and freedom. The fight against slavery was limited to the northern soldiers. The regional soldiers where opposed to enslavement of their northerners but aimed at maintaining the southerners and use then as cotton slaves (290). Liberty among the soldiers was aimed at ensuring the region was secured and made decision based on their own perspective. The soldiers aimed at ensuring liberty bit according to McPherson, many fought for slavery believing that they were fighting for liberation (293). The political ideologies were reason as to why the northern soldiers joint the war.
The final reason highlighted by McPherson was the right to property. According to McPherson, property in this case referred to land and slaves. The main property being protected was the saves (287). They considered the slaves as the pillar of both their economic and farming activities. The soldiers aimed at ensuring their liberties and protecting the activities of the unions. This meant ignoring the proclamation proposal and highlighting on their liberties and rights to own property, which in this case were the salves.
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