Reflection #5 – Coursework Example

Position of Native Americans The current of Native Americans cannot be compared to thatwhen the white men came to their land and imposed restrictions. However, having said that it does not mean their standard of living is the same as those of other Americans. “…..there was no dancing nor any celebration in any of the camp that night. Too many people were in a morning….” ("Chapter2: Western Conquest.", 39) This sentiment from Wooden leg shows how the war had adversely affect members from Native American community, despite them killing American soldiers, most of their people died. Chief Joseph should try to negotiate peace with the Whites Native Americans can live anywhere in America, a right which was denied by the Whiteman authority. “....Let me be a free man, free to travel, free to stop……” (PBS. PBS, n.p) this were sentiments of Chief Joseph to President Hayes when he was invited to the. Native American can be spotted in major cities of America; this is a tremendous achievement for them. Above all the peace (co-existence) that exists between the Native Americans and the Whites cannot be ignored. However, much still need to be done to enhance their quality of life. The percentage of Native American, who are unemployed, surpasses that of the whites. This has been the key challenge for them to enjoy quality life.
The government of United States should work out on solutions to enhance the quality of Native Americans. The best solution is to make education accessible to all Native Americans; this will give them an edge in the job market. Native American on their part should also shun some cultures which are outdated. Securing job will transform lives of their fellow members with Indian origin. Healthcare service provision should be accessible to all Native Americans, to reduce death the rate due to preventable diseases. It is unfortunate for this to happen, and Chief Joseph was saddened by this as evidenced in his statement“……my people would be happy; where they are now they are dying. Three have died since I left my camp to come to Washington……” (PBS. PBS, n.p). Though it was not linked to medical service, at this era member from Native-American community should not be dying. Financial credit can still be granted to them to invest in different forms of business that will enhance their living standards by guaranteeing a source of revenue.
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