Review Questions – Coursework Example

France Bringing the Faith to the Indians of New France European nations justified colonization, in part, with the argument that they were bringing Christianity—without which true freedom was impossible—to Native Americans. In this painting from the 1670s, attributed to a Franciscan missionary, an Indian kneels before a female representation of France. Both hold a painting of the Trinity. The figure of France points skyward, where God hands the earth to Christ. Each Response must be a minimum of 100 words.
1. In what ways does the painting suggest that Indians freely accepted Catholicism and French rule?
The woman in the painting is the mother of Louis, Queene Anne of Austria. She is featured in the art to symbolize France right to rule. As such, many French have acknowledged the French rule. As such, the paint declares that the ruler of France have endorsed the religion. In addition, there is a man kneeling. In this case, the man represents the concept of noble salvage and submission to a supreme authority, God. By kneeling, the painting portrays pledging allegiance to God, as suggested by Christianity. As such, the painting suggests that France is doing God’s will by converting to Christianity. At the bottom of the painting is Jesus and the holy family. Accordingly, God is above the other beings. This basically exhibits loyalty of to God and Jesus. Most of these features in the painting are important components of Catholicism and French rule and hence.
2. How do the houses, ships, and dress of the Indian reinforce the painting’s message?
The houses are a representative of the French community and their peaceful coexistence and hence stability under single rule. As such, one can depict that the French has accepted the rule. The houses have crosses on their roof. These crosses signify that France has already been converted to Christianity. Ships are used in the painting to emphasize the present of Christian missionaries in France. In addition, they signify a New France that is in the offing as a result of colonialism. Still, they suggest that there exist a commercial link with the colonial powers. The Indian dress is used to signify acknowledgement of Indian community in France.