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USA Immigration There is a need for the United s government to favor certain kinds of immigrants. The policy like granting the Refugee status/ Asylum and the Humanitarian Parole are necessary policies towards extending humanitarian assistance to affected groups of people (Schaefer, 94). By offering refugee or Asylum status to people, being persecuted or those who fear being persecuted on the grounds of race, religion, nationality e.t.c, the government policy goes a long way in ensuring that such individuals or groups of people are saved from persecution. This a policy to be embraced, as it gives a right to every human to live, even when their circumstances demands otherwise.
There is a need to grant citizenship preference to those individuals who are needier and the most oppressed. Therefore, the government’s policy to charge no fees for the Refugee/Asylee relative petition is a good step to ensuring that the individuals with a critical need for humanitarian assistance gets it at no fees. However, there should not be any individuals or groups of people given citizenship preference based on their countries from of origin. This is because, such a policy would hinder the immigration of some individuals, or groups of people who are in dire need of the immigration and favor those others who may not necessarily need it. Allowing immigration to take place based on countries of origin is also likely to hinder some talented people, from the restricted countires to enter the USA (Schaefer, 100). This is detrimental, since such blocked talents would have a long way in assisting the country.
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