Session 4 Bias – Coursework Example

Biased Survey Questions Affiliation The South Carolina Youth Risk Behaviour Survey The South Carolina Youth Risk Behaviour Survey specifically the Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS) 2015 Questionnaire contained some element of bias. To start with, question four which asked, Are you Hispanic or Latino? was heavily biased towards the two group because South Carolina is inhabited by youths of diverse racial back group. The researcher could have designed the question in a way that captures the particular ethnic back group of the respondent not limiting the response to only two backgrounds.
Question six asked the respondent how much money they spent every week in any way they wanted. The question was biased because, individuals will in a majority of cases spend money the way they want. So as to capture a more accurate figure, the question could have been structured to ask the amount an individual spent on luxury. This could have yielded a more precise prediction of the excess cash carried by the youths.
Question fifty-four has an element of bias, it asks the respondent whether people can get addicted to using tobacco like they a get addicted using cocaine and heroin. The researcher could have left out the element of comparison with other drugs and directly ask whether cigarette smoking is addictive.
As well, question seventy-eight is biased. It asked the respondent how strongly the agree with the statement that all tobacco products are dangerous. The question should have been structured like, rate the statement, all tobacco products harmful? This way the respondent would have been in a position to approach the question from a neutral perspective.
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