Sexual Selection – Coursework Example

Sexual Selection al Affiliation: Sexual Selection In order for a species to reproduces, there must be sexual inter orcollaboration between the male and a female. For there to be sexual intercourse or the collaboration, there must be sexual selection which implies that one mate has advantage over the other mate. Sexual selection in man is very unique and is different from that of other animals. According to Darwin, sexual selection in human being depends on the female features. The kind of sexual relationship human beings have is determined by factors such as beauty, breasts, or even lips (Andersson, 1994). Artificial features such as the clothing, jewelry and makeup on a woman contribute to what a man looks for while selecting a woman. Other factors such as culture, race and body size also determine the kind of woman a man is going to choose.
Darwin notes that polygynous species and monogamous species such as man are very different in the way they select mates (Andersson, 1994). In the human species, sexual selection has been dominated by the male gender. In most cases, the female has little decision on the kind of male they have. However, with changing times and evolution, sexual selection is done on the basis on getting a generation with desired characteristics. For example, a short man will not only consider the beauty in a woman but also her height so that they can have offspring of average height. Unlike in animals, the females in the human species also have a say on the kind of mate they are going to have. Animal sexual selection is only based of procreation and hence it is true that humans have risen above animals in sexual selection.
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