Small Business IT Solutions – Coursework Example

Small business IT solutions Assignment Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can provide a business with relevant strategic tools which can help enhance its competiveness. In the airline industry for example, there are a number of IT solutions which can be used by small airlines to grow and attract more passengers. First, one of the ICT sectors that have continued to experience growth is the use of the internet. The number of people connected to the internet continues to increase, and small airlines could use this grow their businesses. In particular, small airlines can enhance their online presence through websites and social media, and this will help reach a large number of clients. Secondly, unlike before, a number of companies today offer cheaper software solutions for small airlines and other small companies. For example, Formula Travel Solutions Company developed the AMSYS 2000 airline management system in 2006 for small airlines. This software system allows for reservations, sales support and allocation of seats among other benefits. Small airlines can take advantage of such cheap software solutions to enhance their operations and reduce operating costs. Thirdly, due to the increase in the number of mobile devices today, small airlines could use these devices to reach out to clients. For example, an airline could send promotional text messages to their clients regarding new products and services. Fourth, small airlines can take advantage of the cheap video cameras today to enhance security within their premises and aircraft, in-flight entertainment and for ground maneuvering. This will not only help to enhance the experience of travelers but overall boost the safety of their fleet.
Personally, information technology has greatly influenced my decision to travel on a given airline. After visiting the Delta Air Lines website, I was amazed by the services offered online. These include checking flight status, booking and the management of existing trips. This made me choose this airline since I found it convenient and faster.
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