Social And Labor Issues – Coursework Example

WORK, LOGISTIC al Affiliation There are numerous social and labor issues that businesses and companies need to consider in planning, implementing, and administering supply chain globally. Moreover, it is the supply that communicates the market price, transaction, and product.
First, they are faced with the problem of analyzing the supply chains of an international supplier with different hot spots on socio-ecological exposures and the wide range of innovation possibilities. The domestic manufacture will be faced with a problem of understanding trends and the benchmarking practices of an international supplier. Moreover, they are faced with a challenge of management of supply systems that is affected by a wide range of risks from developing codes and policies, monitoring systems and capacity development to operation plans (Yawar, 2015)
Additionally, they are faced with problem political ideologies difference that poses a high risk of disruption of supply that result in late delivery affecting customer service and operation, therefore, need to consider and be aware of world events and develop contingency measures to deal with this issue when it arises. Furthermore, the local manufacturer are faced with addition labor costs on delivering a quality product to the local manufacturer since the long distance may tamper with material specification and the quality required and addition costs in the delivery.
Besides, understanding cultural difference of foreign supplier is of essence as it makes the local manufacturer understand diverse cultures, dress codes, gestures, foods, religious holidays and social strata which will enable the manufacture understand how business is conducted and the manufacturer deals with a legal international supplier. It is this cultural understanding that would promote win-win working association and maximizes the chances of reaching a global supply process (Yawar, 2015).
Yawar, S. A. (2015). Corporate Social Responsibility in Supply Chains: Relevance of Supplier Development.