Social Psychology – Coursework Example

Social psychology Collaboration; a Key to Better Success Potentials Specialization and division of labor are economic terms that are evident in everyday’s life, whether in the corporate sector or in social scope of life. Despite their advantages such as efficiency into quality delivery of products or attainment of desired social objectives, collaboration between individual entities is a necessity. Collaboration defines joint efforts in planning, deciding between available options, and solving problems that arise in an environment (Ebersohn & Eloff, 2004). The society approach to raising children in a healthy environment is one of the daily life phenomena that illustrate collaboration and its significance as a moderator of success. With the goal of raising a young generation with health, economic, and social potentials, the parents rely on different service provider and this aids efficiency in child development. Education professionals equip children with necessary knowledge for professional and social development while healthcare providers ensure sound health for efficiency and effectiveness in daily activities, growth, and development. With collaboration among professionals from different sectors, the society raises professionals who can ensure the society’s sustainability. Failure to ensure these services to a child limits success potential of the child. Similarly, the society would not succeed in developing a self-reliant new generation if specialization and division of labor, into collaboration, existed because of inefficiencies.
Response to a Student’s Post
The post is precise in identifying relevant topic for discussion and it articulates experience with the topic, with a high level of clarity. The applied examples such as obedience to a senior at the workplace, an educator, or a person in an individual’s social circle are clear illustrations of obedience and its occurrence in everyday life.
Ebersohn, L. & Eloff, I. (2004). Keys to educational psychology. Cape Town: Juta and Company Ltd.