Sony Playstation – Coursework Example

Sony Playstation The Sony PSN Debacle The hacks experienced by Sony in its Online Entertainment Sector and the website were catastrophic and affected the organization’s performance greatly. The constant hacks tarnished the companys image, and there were many lawsuits filed against it. The hacks amounted to losses estimated at $171 Million (Quinn and Arthur 1). The loss hindered the company’s growth, and thus scaring away stakeholders. An estimate of 10% of the existing Sony customers appears to have left the organization after the occurrence of the incidences (Quinn and Arthur 1). Apparently, no report concerning the fraudulent use of the identities obtained has been made. After the final hack on June 2, 2011, no further attacks have been reported, and the organization appears to be safe.
Gaming and Virtual Services on the Internet
Sony should have a sophisticated system and firewall to protect its users’ confidential information. As of now, there is no reason to assume that any organization can safeguard its users information from best hackers since there has not been any development of a perfect system. However, companies can minimize the incidence of hack occurrence through constant inspections and reforms (Saporito 52).
Law Enforcement Agency Catching an Extremely Intelligent Hacker
Any law offender must let justice take its course and undergo punishment. However, the hacker can be used for the good of the technological world, where he or she can apply his/her skills for the betterment of these systems.
Publicly Announcing A Data Breach
Reporting any data breach to the public scares away consumers and builds a poor reputation. Consumers lose the confidence in the organization, and so do investors. There is nothing to gain from the company by lying, and this practice is unethical and illegal.
Personal Identity Theft Story
I have not had any personal theft story so far, and no one has used my credit card fraudulently. However, I have received around six phishing emails in the last year. I regularly check my credit card report, with an average of once a month since last year.
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