Surveillance Of Communicable Disease – Coursework Example

Measles Outbreak The incidence of measles in the United s has been very low from 2000. Measles is defined as a communicable disease, which can be prevented through effective vaccination programs. The case of measles reported in South Florida is traced back to a 15-year-old boy who was traveling. It is believed that the young traveler visited several local tourist attraction sites and business. The visits might have occurred between 1 and 3 January 2015 (Measles Case Reported in South Florida, 2015). The other report of a traveler with Measles occurred in March. The traveler was attending a conference that ran from March 16-17. The traveler was hospitalized between March 20 to 24th and left South Florida on 25th. (Measles Case Reported in South Florida, 2015)
The incidence rate of measles stands at 2 with all cases involving travelers. The reported number of cases of people who had measles between January and March is two. Therefore, the prevalence rate of measles in South Florida is 2. The attack rate, specific rate, crude rate, and proportions are not relevant because only two cases of measles were reported in South Florida this year. The causality of the measles cases in South Florida is traced to tourism. Both of the reported cases are connected to travelers.
The measles in an outbreak in South Florida has two confirmed cases, which are both attributed to travelers. The Department of Health performed a thorough assessment to identify any cases. The attack rate of the disease is very low compared to California, which experienced most cases of Measles in 2015 (Sattkisson, 2015). South Florida measles attack rate is very low, which might be attributed to efficient vaccination systems.
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