The Life Of A Special Education Teacher – Coursework Example

Communication Disorder George’s communication disorder is a combination of speech and language disorder. This is due to the fact that he has a problem putting his message across and it is observed when he is using his hands in an effort to do this, which is a sign of language disorder. He also seems to strive a lot as he looks for the proper words to enable him to communicate his message or to relate to events, which is another sign of language disorder. It is also a speech disorder in that he is not able to pronounce words correctly for example when he pronounces girlfriend as “alfrien.” His voice also has a stutter and is raspy and he seems to omit some words as he speaks.
The language disorder occurs when one has a communication disorder and people have difficulty in making the right sounds and thereby omitting some parts of the words being pronounced. They also have difficulty in the construction of words and so will seem at a loss when communicating and will be seen using their hands or other body language in place of the words they are unable to construct. They also may be unable to connect the words they intend to use correctly. They may exhibit the lack of proper grammar and a very limited vocabulary (Michael, Rosenberg & James, 2007). Language disorder is either developmental or acquired, with the former resulting from the failure of children to develop functioning development skills. Acquired language disorder can come about by damage to the brain area that relates to language development.
In speech disorder, the person has difficulty in pronouncing words correctly and omitting some parts of the words. There is also the lack of fluency, which is mainly characterized by stuttering (Michael, Rosenberg & James, 2007. The voice could also be raspy, and when speech does not develop to the expected levels, the person is said to have a speech disorder.
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