Traditionally, Nutrition Programs Were Targeted To The Indigent And Poor Populations In Developing – Coursework Example

Americans Approach to Nutrition al affiliation Americans Approach to Nutrition Nutrition is a major necessity in human lives, it should be noted with a lot of concern that without appropriate it can render to other negative health affects for instance kwashiorkor which is as a result of protein energy malnutrition. We term nutrition as ingestion of food according to how the body demands its dietary necessities thus it should contain all the nutrients that includes proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts all in the right proportions. There were various reasons that lead to nutrition programs targeting the poor and the indigent, amongst this reasons being;
Affordability or the power to purchase food is one of the reasons that made food program only consider the poor and the indigent, this because of the low wages that the poor people received after working , and as a result they ended up having food that wasn’t nutritious at all. Secondly there was lack of appropriate investment in agriculture for instance proper and inadequate food storages, water supplies that cannot be depended on and planning of infrastructure being poor all this leading limited agricultural yields, thus the need for the this group to be considered in food programs for proper access to food (Denis, 2013)
In the present we also see that most Americans are malnourished, most individuals term malnutrition as being thin, starving, and so on. It happens that one could be obsessed and at the same time malnourished, this results from an individual not getting the recommended proteins in the body because the highest percentage of malnutrition is caused by lack of adequate proteins. As much as it is a challenge to make sure that one follows a balanced diet Americans need to be guided on their approach to nutrition reasons being healthy food keeps one mentally stable, physically fit and free from nutrition implications for instance obesity (Jane, 1981).
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