Understanding Group Behavior And The Influence Of Emotion And Mood – Coursework Example

Understanding Group Behavior and the Influence of Emotion and Mood Organizational humanism and social interactionism are very important key success factors of all organizations including law enforcement agencies. Police leaders must accept these concepts and must implement them while approaching their jobs in law enforcement agencies since the main objective of such agencies is to provide the citizens with their rights and provide the public service entities with vision and mission; and, when police officers approach jobs in these entities, they must know the importance of social interaction in and outside of the organization in order to be productive in short and long run.
2. Group decision making in a police agency outperforms the effort of any one officer working alone for setting things right in the community. To improve group decision making, the members must focus on one point so that time is not wasted on redundant information. A well controlled and more focused system of discussion must be employed in order to gain and share unique information from each member. This increases the informational advantage of group decision making.
3. For my agency, group decision making is achieved through calling meetings and having all the members share their own and unique points about an issue. As I said already, this enables the members to save their time for a more focused discussion because generally groups are known to share redundant data which is wastage of time. So, my agency emphasizes on instructing all the members to first write down their points that they have in mind and then raise them at meetings with exclusivity.