Unit 3 Discussion – Coursework Example

Unit 3 Discussion: Cascading Style Sheets al affiliation Unit 3 Discussion: Cascading Style Sheets For web pages to have additional style, Cascading Style Sheets mechanism is used to define how html elements are displayed. The introduction of CSS in HTML 4.0 enabled developers of large websites to add fonts and color information for every single page cost efficiently through an external CSS file that stored all formatting from the html document. Consequently, developers of large web pages only have to edit one file to effect modifications in layout and appearance for all the website pages. CSS properties are categorized into font, color and background, box, text, and classification properties. Units used in CSS include length, percentage, and color units, and URLS.
From the website W3schools (2014), the layout of the HTML page changes through four different style sheets but the content remains the same. My understanding is that the web content is separated from the design. This feature is crucial since it allows HTML to perform numerous functions that belonged to the content markup without paying any attention to layout and content. The page also reveals that every point the webpage has XML markup, CSS that defined what it would look like hence the different levels of style sheets. Through its formatting of different style sheets, CSS is a great mechanism of defining web pages that should be viewed in other media besides web browsers. Such media include projector slide show, and print out The different style sheets have also brought the understanding that through CSS, a developer can manage to change the mood and tone of the web site. Style sheets can also be updated allowing web pages to change priorities without altering the underlying XHTML. The main challenge is that there is too much to learn and one has to adapt integrative thinking to overcome the labor intense arising issues.
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