What Are The Roots Of World Rock Music In The 1980s Who Are The Major Artists And How Did The – Coursework Example

The Roots of World Music In 1980s affiliations The Roots of World Rock Music In 1980s Rock music became popular in the eighties because the music industry back then was on highly appreciated. Rock music was influenced by disco genre of music. The music industry was not thriving back then as employee layoffs were on the increase. The music industry urgently required a new approach to music, and the introduction of rock music was a relief. This paved way for rock music because the teenagers were on the increase resulting from the birth rate boom in the sixties, and the record companies had a new audience who appreciated the new tune. Those musicians had a vision, and they created a successful path for rock music (Tripod). According to Tripod, some of the greatest pioneer musicians were Talking Heads with the songs “Remain in Light” and “the Pretenders.” However, new artists began to rise, and people like Madonna, Prince & The Revolution, Culture Club, Peter Gabriel, John Cougar and The Eurythmics became famous instantaneously. These artists would merge different genres of music like for instance: pop and reggae; metal, punk and R&B. The subsequent single song produced was set above a big beat rented from disco and funk turning out to be a great rock music for the Eighties (Tripod).
From the year nineteen eighty, rock music has evolved significantly. The music genre has adopted the use of digital recording and also the usage of synthesizers and other electronic instruments (Anderson, 2009). According to Anderson (2009), the introduction and adoption of the video disc signified that rock music was projected to become a major genre of the Eighties. The pioneering artist Gary Numan was the first musician to release a rock video cassette in April 1980. Digital recording made an impact on rock music and since then rock music has evolved gradually.
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