Which Theoretical Perspective, That Guides The Nursing Process With Assessment Of The Family, Do You – Coursework Example

Family Assessment Theory School: During the family health assessment by the nurses, a number of theories may be applied in establishing the principal basis of an issue and finding the appropriate solution for it. Family stress theory is one of best theories used to assist the contemporary families. This theory explicitly explains why and how certain families will definitely withstand the hardships and challenges that emanate from internal or external sources. It also goes ahead to explain why some other families cannot persevere such internal and external stressors and, therefore, end up breaking up. This theory has been extensively described in the metaparadigm of nursing that includes the element of person, health, environment and the nursing terms. Person, in this context, is seen to be going through different hardships and transitions which are inevitable. Here, person represents the family. The family under goes a lot of challenges and in the course of this, develop strengths and abilities to overcome such hardship. It also learns to protect its members from the interruption which might be caused by the transitions. The environment is another aspect of this theory. The family can either benefit or get disrupted by the environment they live in. Health is considered as the capability and resilience of the family to withstand and fully adapt to the hard times. The role of nursing in this theory has been described as enhancing the family strength and helping its members maintain good relation with the environment. Thus, nursing facilitate the adaptation of the family. The family stress theory is the most favorable theory for family assessment since it covers a wide range of family issues, both internal and external factors.
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