Women In Gangs – Coursework Example

Women in Gangs The perception that women in gangs are simple “sexual chattel” is accurate. This is evidenced by the way they are perceived in their respective societies. It is also evident that most women accept the notion that they are a form of property. For instance, an interviewed carried out by Jankowski on women showed that women resign themselves to accept some aspects they do not like in life in order to satisfy their male members(Flannery & Huff, 1999). Some of these aspects include being treated as slaves in addition to ensuring that they provided men with whatever they wanted(Flannery & Huff, 1999). This perception is also evidenced by Taylor’s findings. According to Taylor, women contribute significantly to the success of a given gang even though their roles are not well defined(Flannery & Huff, 1999). Taylor claims that male gang researchers characterize females as sexual chattel who, are nothing more than mere appendages to the males(Flannery & Huff, 1999). Although other studies associate women with auxiliary roles to men’ gangs, it is evident that women who are part of gangs are girlfriends of male members. Additionally, it is evident that male members develop hatred to women who try to be hard on them in terms of sex. This is as a result of men having the belief that all women are supposed to be soft and willing to play sex with them(Flannery & Huff, 1999). In other words, male in the gang believe in sex being part of what they deserve from women. To get some advantages from the gang, women are also obliged to provide sexual favors to male members.
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