5 Questions – Essay Example

I. of the Business: Spic N Span Car Wash And Auto Detailing Center II. How you get your funds for it: The owners will contribute $ 75,000 each as initial investment for the company. The $ 75,000 will be shelled out from their personal money and will not be loaned from any lending institution.
III. Location of the business :
The company will operate in Downtown Colorado
IV. What makes you distinct from your competitors?
Spic and Span will engage in price war, and will take extra efforts to make its prices lower than most of its competitors. It will also invest in training its staff and personal to perform excellent customer services. Spic n Span aims to have a signature type of customer service whereby the satisfaction of the clients is always number one priority. Lastly, Spic n Span boasts of its after sales services, including follow up engine checkups and extended warranty on some services. Other unique products will also be eventually developed.
V. Form of business and why you choose it
Spic n Span will be owned, registered and managed by a total of five individuals/ incorporators who will also serve as board of directors for the company. These incorporators will play major roles in the operations of the company. Each one of them is also responsible in ensuring that the company adheres to prevailing state laws and regulations. Their collective decisions are what mobilize the company. No major moves will be implement without the consensus of the rest of the incorporators.