A Narrative Essay Or Open Essay – Essay Example

Running Head: Narrative on Road Accident My momentous event is my car accident. This took me in utter surprise because it was the last thing I ever imagined would happen to me. Though I was only 18, I was a very conceited person and I never had the slightest respect for traffic rules. However, one day, I had an accident and I broke my leg. I remember my mom telling me to drive slowly, “Michael, you know school is not an emergency,” She could warn. Did I hear? Not quite. I used to be the kind of person who believed that nothing could ever hurt me, until one ordinary morning, when things turned into a debacle, which made me realize that life is only temporal and can be taken away unexpectedly. The events of that morning, I must say, are fresh in my mind because I learnt a lesson that left an indelible mark in my life. It was an attractive, sunny morning and because of its radiance, nobody would imagine that behind its facade, there was a concealed tragedy.
After hugging my parents and telling them goodbye, I hopped into my car and sat at the driver’s seat, behind the wheel, I was off to school.  It was not far, only twenty-minute drive on a rugged road. I say rugged, for lack of a better word, that road was terrible. However, I cannot blame it for what happened to my leg that morning; I had used the road for two years. The road did not cause what I may call a memorable accident. I remember listening that day to the cockatoo, that bird of the forest that sounded before the domestic cock. Then, all of a sudden, I heard a loud a terrifying noise. I immediately thought of bomb, which some lousy terrorist had supposedly planted in the booth of my car, but no, this was right under my foot! My reaction was spontaneously foolish. In a split second, I opened the driver’s seat and jumped out, but lo! I toppled and fell, my right leg sliding under the car.
I did not know that the car was going to roll in the process of the driver’s side tire bursting, which was blowing out. That is when everything including my car and me went berserk. I remember hearing the saloon car screeching on hard gravel as it started to overturn. I was so desperate. As it rolled, I closed my eyes not to see, I heard some sound that made me aware of what had taken place, and my leg was broken. My car then rolled three more times heading to a shallow ditch.  I must have become unconscious because when I woke up, I was in the hospital bed with a broken leg. I had been knocked unconscious.
I was paining everywhere. Nevertheless, the pain on my right leg was excruciating. A farmer who was checking his field and saw the entire incident had rushed me to hospital.  He took me to the emergency room before calling my parents.  Later that week, one of my shoes and my lunch box were lying in a field, thirty feet from where my car had rolled.
After that ordeal, I came to realize that life is too dear to take for granted.  I try to take each day and make it worthwhile. When my composition teacher gave me a composition to write on ‘my memorable day’, I wrote it gladly from a personal experience. In fact, I rejoiced. I am here to write it all over again. It gives me joy to know that I did not lose my head, which is helping me think and I can now continue with my studies, instead of being a vegetable in the hospital ward as many are, after horrible car accidents. I live every day as if it was my last, for since then I became a more responsible person.