A Nation Apart – Essay Example

A Nation Apart The thesis ment in the article A Nation Apart” is “a range of factors unique to China will not only preserve it from the worstof the global meltdown but also keep its economy chugging along at about 8% GDP growth in 2009”. I assume that the above mentioned excerpt is the thesis statement in this article because after stating two different concepts, Flegant admits that he finds it more relevant to the context.
2. The writer Simon Flegant has adopted a persuasive style of writing in this article. However, he is not aggressive about approaching the issue with one side of the argument. The writer introduces two different views regarding the expected outcomes of the current meltdown in China. One is the opinion of Nouriel Roubini, a professor at New York University who believes that the outcome of the current crisis will be worse. The second view, which is of some Chinese economists, is rather positive about the future. The writer admits that the country has been undergoing extreme internal challenges associated with unemployment and economic instability for recent weeks. However, he believes that despite the current volatility China would preserve its economic stability with a surprising outcome. He quotes from the report of Merrill Lynch which points out the considerable growth of Chinese economy during mid-November which is better than that of the United States.
3. The argument is viable and compelling as it is formulated on reasonable evidences from China’s historical achievements in economic consistency since Deng Xiaoping. For example, stating the opinion of Arthur Kroeber, he argues that the non-Chinese economists would fail to understand ‘the underlying drivers of growth’ as they do not follow China on a regular basis.
Flegant, S. (Nov. 27, 2008). ‘A Nation Apart’. Time Magazine, retrieved 24 May 2010 from http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1862596,00.html