Abnormal Behavior – Essay Example

8 November, Abnormal behavior: Abnormal behavior in a certain field, as the implies, is a behavior that is essentially away from what is normally expected of a human in that field. Through our observation of the people around us, we tend to conceptualize what is the normal humanistic approach towards a certain field or activity, and render any deviations from that as abnormal. (Spoor, 1999).
Having seen an abnormal behavior, people intrinsically feel an urge to react to it in some manner. The reaction mostly appears as condemnation of the abnormality. Conservative people may condemn the abnormal behavior merely by giving odd looks to the individual displaying such behavior. Others who are more vocal may verbally or occasionally, physically condemn it.
Social norms are generally constituted as the standards for normality. Deviations from them make a behavior unusual and abnormal. Social norms are formulated by the society as a whole. Society is composed of individual groups and communities. Therefore, when a certain group or community violates the social norms, reaction received is little as compared to the case, when an individual violates them. For example, if an individual abuses a person next to him in an elevator, other people in the surrounding will condemn the action. However, if a group abuses a person in a similar situation, sufficiently large effort is required to condemn that. Many would not even dare to condemn because of the strength of the group.
If a behavior is away from normal, but seems meaningful, it is abnormal. However, a behavior that is abnormal and is also meaningless, it is disordered. It is the underlying purpose of the approach that tells if it is abnormal or disordered.
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