Abortion And Slavery – Essay Example

After reading the article, do you feel it is successful in establishing connections between chattel slavery and abortion on demand? While the analogymade in the article between chattel slavery and abortion comes across as logical and reasonable, there are a few obvious flaws as well. Firstly, chattel slavery was institutionalized, meaning that the practice was an integral part of the social fabric. In the case of the issue of abortion, the pro-choice supporters are not advocating abortion in all cases. It is commonly misunderstood that they encourage pregnant mothers to act whimsically and inhumanely and terminate the fetus if they take a fancy to it. But in reality, pro-choice activists are only asking for abortion rights in unviable cases where the life of mother, child or the larger society is at danger. To extend the point on danger to society, it would be helpful to recollect the landmark Roe v. Wade verdict of 1973. Economist Stephen Levitt had shown that crime rates in America dropped significantly in the 1990s due to reduction in unwanted childbirths as a result of abortion rights. It is a well-established fact that children born to teenage mothers, or carried to full term half-heartedly by their mothers, usually end up as delinquents and social deviants. Hence Levitt credits the granting of abortion rights via the Roe v. Wade verdict to be the key factor in reducing crime rates two decades later. Moreover, unlike chattel slavery which was a racist institution, abortion rights are granted to women of all races and ethnicities. Finally, what makes the analogy between chattel slavery and abortion quite weak is the fact that those who oppose abortion are the same people who also oppose contraception usage. In other words, a large contingent of pro-lifers is also keen followers of the Christian faith which prohibits the usage of contraceptive devices. The best way to reduce abortion is to encourage the use of contraceptive devices that prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place. Yet the same group of pro-lifers also discourages the use of condoms, which is totally illogical.