Abstract( No More Than 200 Word) – Essay Example

The suffering of comfort women in the hands of Japanese soldiers is one of the many atrocities during the Second World War. Interest groups supporting these women claim that these women should be compensated by the Japanese government for their sufferings. Other groups and analysts refute such claims for compensation, arguing that such sufferings are an expected part of the war. In the course of data gathering and analysis, this paper was able to establish that comfort women were resorted to in order to relieve stress among soldiers, and this practice was also seen in other warring nations during WWII. These comfort women were recruited in conventional ways, and some needed the financial relief that prostitution could give them. The sufferings and ordeals of these women are however just part of the state of war existing at that time. In recent years, efforts by some governments have been made in order to apologize and recompense the sufferings of such women. As far Japan is concerned though, the effort towards repairing the impact of the war atrocities against women remains an issue. These reparations are dependent on them and on how they would work towards peace and unity among nations.