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Your full full January 30, Why to Become an Industrial Engineer I have chosen to become an engineer because of interest in this field. I believe that a degree in engineering would help me meet my personal and career goals. At present, I am studying industrial engineering because I want to excel as a professional in this branch of engineering. I belong to Kuwait where there are large reservoirs of oil. I believe that studying industrial engineering would help me contribute to my nation in improving its economy through proper reservoir management. My goal is to get an in-depth understanding of all industrial engineering issues to become a skilled engineer.
Upon completion of my degree, I would like to work as an industrial engineer in my own country. Some of the professional activities that I intend to pursue as an industrial engineer include applying statistical techniques to run manufacturing processes, determining production standards, resolving production problems, minimizing production costs through applying suitable manufacturing techniques, increasing productivity through proper management of people and processes, and designing control systems to ensure high quality of products. I also possess good communication skills, which would help me work properly with all other types of engineers at the workplace.
Outside of work, I envision a high standard lifestyle for me. Industrial engineers earn a high amount of money annually working anywhere in the world which helps them adopt a lifestyle that a person always dreams of. Therefore, industrial engineering would not only help me serve my nation but also it would help me improve my lifestyle.
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